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04 March 2009

Humming bird & pineapple juice

I heard the heart beat last night! It was amazing, fast, and strong and reminded me of a humming bird it was so fast! Still up there at 166 bpm. According to some people, that means it's a girl, according to others, that means it's a boy. According to my friend Nick, it means doctors can predict gender with 50% accuracy. Something tells me Nick is the one I should be listening to, but it is fun to guess. :o)

Later last night Steve and I were watching TV and I got the idea that pineapple juice sounded REALLY good and had a hard time letting it go. He was even willing to head out to pick some up when we realized we might have some canned pineapple in the fridge. Mmmm. So he poured the juice into a glass and I was one satisified lady. :o) (And now that I'm writing that, I'm definitely going to have some pineapple with breakfast. Yum.)

Other than that, I still haven't been sick since Friday night and Steve told me this morning he can tell I'm getting back to myself. Apparently I was dragging a bit and looking a little down. Can you blame a girl who threw up almost every day straight for 2 weeks? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we're past that! Tomorrow marks the official end of the 1st trimester. . . I'm ready for the blissful 2nd!

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