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25 March 2009

Humming bird heart and Fundal Fun!

We had another doctors appointment yesterday. Steve got to hear the heartbeat for the first time, which was still up in the 160s. Pretty speedy! Maybe he/she will be like his/her mom... Quick heartbeat, low blood pressure (100/50). I also had my first fundal measurement, which came in at 15 cm. You apparently should measure a cm per week +/- 3 cm. I came in 15 cm, so right on track. We also got orders for our 2nd "detailed" ultrasound that we're both pretty excited for! We get to do that in 3 weeks!

I tried taking a longer profile shot yesterday for Ellie, not sure it really captured it well, but here it is.

I also had a funny moment with a client at work last night... She's early 60s and when we were walking back downstairs after getting her reading glasses she called out "I can see your tummy!" It's starting to get a little more noticable...

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