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08 March 2009

Family values

This weekend Steve has trained 3 people, finished framing the bathroom in the basement, vacuumed the house (including the upstairs, which is a pain), done dishes, made multiple trips to Home Depot, gone to church, caught up on 3 weeks of Lost, and begun building a wall in the laundry room.

This weekend Katie has watched some trashy TV, rewatched Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde, ordered some maternity clothes (on sale of course), updated the blog, fostered relationships through phone calls, facebook, and thank you notes, washed dishes, baked banana bread, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, menu planned & bought groceries for the week, caught up on 3 weeks of Lost, took the dogs out to the park, forgot to make phone calls that I really need to get to, thought about studying (dang it), threw up several times, and prepared a meal.

I teach balance to my clients and Steve helps people improve their physical balance at work. Inspite of that, he has a hard time resting and I've been known to take full advantage of opportunities to rest, at the expense of any major productivity.

Although my list is longer than Steve's, the fruit of his labor is really far more impressive. I think we're doing a fine job of teaching the importance of balance.

Oh, and as I wrote this, two of our 4 legged kids were outside. One eating trash, the other eating snow that I fear may have been yellow. Hopefully we do a better job keeping an eye on the 2 legged kiddo!

1 comment:

  1. The way I figure it if instinct tells babies or pets to eat something, then let them. As long as it isn't blatantly dangerous. And more and more people tell me that I need to have a child. So the wisdom of the masses condones my theory.