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19 March 2009

Transitioning past "it"

When we first found out we were pregnant (or rather I was pregnant, Steve dealing with me being pregnant. . . That expression has always seemed so funny to me and here I use it. I digress. . . ), he immediately began referring to "it" as "the baby" or "he or she". I, on the other hand, said "it" and when he would correct me, I would say we don't know what "it" is, so "it's it". No biggie. My mom corrected me, got the same response. Not a bad thing I don't think, I'm thrilled to be pregnant (most of the time) and absolutely thrilled with the idea of having a child, but initially "it" seemed like the correct pronoun.

That shifted a few weeks ago and a friend noticed that tonight - not the shift persay, but the "decision" to not refer to our baby as "it". And come to think of "it", I think the transition happened after hearing the heart beating for the first time a few weeks ago. We had gotten a picture of our baby at 9 w 4 d, which was amazing, but maybe there's something to actually hearing that little body inside of me working hard that did "it" for me. So now I have to use two pronouns "he or she"/"his or hers", etc. to refer to my baby. A few extra words a day, but it seems worth it.

**There was a day when I called the baby "she" and Steve cautioned me on this, so I am working at using both genders rather than settling in to the idea of one or the other since we are absolutely hoping for one or the other.**

Funny how these things happen along the way, without any conscious thought or decision.

15 w 4 d - and yes, it does look like I'm practicing mindfulness by roaming my house, taking pictures of my belly while brushing my teeth. Don't tell my clients!

15 w 5 d

1 comment:

  1. Ever since your description of your soon to be child as a hummingbird, I have been referring to the very young Lord or Lass Murray as a "colibri". This of course means "hummingbird" in pretty much every language in Europe. I rather like this description and will use it for almost babies in the future.
    Now once you give birth my terminology will immediately shift to the word "toehead".