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13 March 2009

It's a LEMMON!

Ok, so the baby's really the size of a lemon (yes, I do know how to spell. . . at least some words) this week according to "thebump.com". But that's not my point.

My point is that my grandma's maiden name was Lemmon. We had family reunions called Lemmon Squeezes where we'd get together with members of extended family and do great things like paint a giant lemon on a street in NE and slide down old fire escapes. It's a pretty fun last name to play with and I believe my grandma and great aunt Ruby once punched a boy for making fun it, so watch what you say!

I like the idea that this week the baby is the size of a lemon as it's size has brought with it great memories of time spent with family. Hopefully this baby will have a chance to learn lots about his/her family, Lemmons and all.

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