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02 May 2010

Taking back the stone

When I first started this blog a year ago, I remember writing how much I enjoy reading blogs and would prefer that the blogs I read kept updated, oh, like daily. At first I did a great job, documenting the constantly growing belly & swollen toes, then the first amazing moments with Emma. There seems to be a correlation however with my child's mobility and my diminishing blogability. This correlation also holds true to my ability to promptly send thank you notes, respond to emails, read emails, check Facebook, post pictures, share videos, and pretty much anything that takes more than 5 minutes and two hands.

We have had some amazing experiences in the past month since I last updated. We were blessed by 3 weeks of Grandma Bonnie's loving care of Emma (and us), followed up by a wonderful visit with Grandpa Wilson (aka Oscar) who shared Emma with old friends and distant family - shared his roots and helped solidify hers, and finally 2 great weeks with Grammy who showed Emma her people, took her out and about with no fear, continued to share her amazing talent through handmade gifts and lots of laughs. It's been a whirlwind of grandparent visitors and we are all so thankful and blessed to have family that so freely gives of their time and resources to help us make the most of ours.

We also had a special visit with Auntie Lauren - my oldest friend who truly is a sister and was the absolute perfect choice to be Emma's Godmother. Aaron & Emerson shared her with us for a busy, but delightful weekend for Emma's baptism. What a beautiful blessing that day was, full of family, love, and the sharing of our faith with our daughter.

Steve and I celebrated our 4th anniversary and reflected on all we've been through in the 6 years since we met. Who knew!?

As my hands get free, I will share pictures and a bit more detail about the last while. It may take me some time though, Emma pulled herself up to standing today! Thanks for your patience (and prayers!).

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  1. WOWIE! way to go Emma--I can't believe you're already a super-stander! Congrats! I'm so glad that I got to spend some time with you last month. It's hard to believe that you're just going to keep getting cuter, because you're already one adorable little girl!