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13 February 2010

My sneaky Valentine

For Valentine's Day we had decided we were going to the pancake breakfast at church, probably would catch a movie at The Riverview (mostlikely with Em in sling), and have a nice dinner at home - I was thinking I'd make mussels. Yum.

The rest of the weekend was to consist of a senior recital for one of Steve's athletes Friday night and baking with the HTLC youth Saturday night (for Katie & Emma at least). So yesterday afternoon I worked on the house and sort of getting myself ready to go to this recital. We were going to grab a small dinner before the concert, so I had to have us ready to leave by 5. I got Emma all fancy in this super cute outfit - complete with beret - from my cousin Julie, and shoved myself into a skirt that -mostly- fits still. My husband made surprisingly great effort to get ready and looked quite sharp if I must say so myself. For a man who works in sweatpants, this really doesn't happen often at.all.

Steve loaded Emma off and we headed out, although it seemed like we were going an odd way to get to Mac. Seemed more like we were headed towards my aunt & uncle's nearby condo. The very same aunt & uncle who watch Emma for us 3 days a week. Hmmm. . . Steve had arranged to have them watch Emma (who was now very fancy for a night of staying in!) while he took me out to one of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities (Chino Latino - coconut curry mussels??! YUM!) and the option of a movie.

What a great night! Fabulous dinner, time to connect with my hubster, an Indy flick in a theater that I picked (A Single Man - good movie!), and a little time to recharge for mommyhood.

And in the car after I figured this out - a single rose with a card asking me if I'd accept it. Gotta love my cheesy husband!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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