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25 July 2010

Predictable surprise?

For our whole relationship (especially the initial period of distance), Steve loved coming back a day earlier than he had told me to surprise me. This is actually how he proposed. You would like I'd have caught on after 6 years, but last night when my phone had that familiar ring, I was surprised to hear my hubby's voice and offer for company at 10 pm! Yay! Daddy's home! Hubby's home! Mama can take a shower alone again!

The week finished up with for mother & daughter, I was pleased to remember just how much I enjoy her company. She's a really great companion and she's funny as heck, but her evening conversational skills are a little limited.

So I now have my parnter back, which is good because the next two weeks are crazy! Tuesday evening Oscar (grandpa Wilson) gets to town for a quick visit before he heads to Canada Thursday. Then Thursday (or Wednesday, or Friday) the Hayes family rolls in for a pit stop on their way to WA. I get to meet my nephew. I'm stoaked! Then they hit the road again on Saturday or Sunday or Monday, we'll see, leaving time to change the sheets for Grammy's arrival Wednesday. Then Thursday after work it's time to head Nort' (Late at night when Emma should - please, for the love of God - sleep for most of the drive.) for a few days in Canada. Eh.

Let the fun begin!

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