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11 July 2009

4th of July Baby BOOM!

In the past 10 days, 4 of baby Murrays friends (or cousins of friends, but we know (s)he will like SH very much!) have entered the world.

The first (on the 1st), made her appearance almost 2 months before she was expected. Our good friends Ginger & Marek welcomed their daughter Zula, weighing a whopping 3 lb 10 oz at 32 w 4 d. We went to meet her last Friday and she is tiny and beautiful! It was sooo surreal seeing a baby the size that ours is outside of the womb. I don't know what I think our baby looks like, but Zula looks like a real baby, much more so than I've been able to imagine! Seeing her tiny little movements was also amazing as they correlate with the sensations I feel as Baby Murray wiggles and jiggles around. So cool.

The second is the cousin of Eliana, who also came a little early (just a few weeks) on the 4th. She's a little 5 lber and looks so adorable. It'll be fun to eventually meet her. :o)

The third made a surprise arrival in his parents living room!!! I LOVE this story (and can't wait to hear the rest). Little Eli came, you guessed it, a few weeks early, and gave his mom the home birth she has wanted, although I think the circumstances probably weren't quite as they'd excepted since they had planned on a hospital birth. He's a book club babe and we can't wait for him to join us!

The fourth (phew) made an early arrival at just shy of 37 weeks to our good friends Brent & Jenny. Jenny had lectured their little girl on needing to stay put as they were in the process of selling their house & buying another. Closing ended up taking place in the hospital and little Rachel proved to have a mind of her own. She's another little one at 5lb 10 oz.

We're so excited for all of our friends and are thrilled that our kiddo will have so many playmates nearby. Now, if only our child proves to be a leader and decides against coming early like everyone else seems to be doing. . . If all the cool kids jumped off a bridge, would you do so too? I didn't think so. Listen to your mommy. ;o)

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