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24 July 2009

Charlie and me

Our black lab, Charlie, is a real nut. We adopted him a year ago and had been told about some of his quirky behavior, but it's a different story to live with him! Last year the family that had fostered him told is if we were missing items, to check his kennel. They said he didn't chew on things (which after losing a pair of sandles, the top of a cowboy boot, and a few other things, was obviously not the full truth), but he likes to steal things and put them in his kennel.

In preparation for the baby, we have not been paying as much attention to the zoo. (Ok, so we've just been really busy with this basement remodel and a zillion other things going on.) As a result, they've needed to entertain themselves a bit more than normal. Here is a short list of some of the things Charlie has gotten into this past week :

*Emptying out, can by can, bags of recycling, and placing items under the dining room table
*Stealing a bunch of bananas from the kitchen counter, and placing 4 of the 5 at the top of the stairs (the 5th was initially thought to have been eaten, but was later found in the living room slightly bruised)
*Moving shoes, one at a time, to underneath the dining room table or in to the living room (See a trend? Shoes typically are mine and he rarely if ever takes a pair, he just takes one)
*Lounging on the couch (this one is new)
*Taking my toothpaste off of the bathroom counter and placing it at the top of the stairs
*Eating underwear (gross, right??? And yet another privilege reserved for his favorite person. . . )

Today before Steve left he found the toothpaste at the top of the stairs, underwear in the living room, shoes under the table, and Charlie on the couch, with a flip flop. He scolded Charlie for being on the couch and a bit later when he called the dogs to let them out before he left for work, Charlie didn't come. He found him curled up under Steve's desk looking a bit depressed. Apparently he knew he had been in trouble.

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