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01 July 2009

Falling Behind

29 weeks 4 days

Week 29 was another one that zipped by. Work was busy, hormones were fluctuating -there were tears over moving furniture around in the house because I got confused. Sigh.

30 weeks with the soon-to-be 96-year-old Great Grandpa Keenan

Saturday my mom and I went down to Stewartville to spend some time with my grandpa. The drive wore me out and I ended up napping for part of the time, but it was good to see him and talk with him about the baby. I may not get back down before the baby comes due to work and weekend commitments followed by travel limits in August, so it's crazy to think that the next time I see him may be with a baby. Wow. He turned 96 on Tuesday, just 4 years 'til Willard Scott will wish him happy birthday.

30 weeks 4 days

And here we get to today. Again, not a ton has been going on. My mom is in town, which is great, but it's been too fast, as usual. Work gets in the way on visits, it's hard to juggle everything. I ended up getting myself motivated enough to do a lot of office purging before she got here, so she wasn't subjected to that. She did order the fabric for our diaper bag though and I am super excited, it will be very cute!! We spent time knitting (I finished a special project I've been working on for my nephew since October - now to get to the post office), watched a few movies, ran some errands, and enjoyed time with each other as well as other friends & family. She heads back Friday, but like I said, work gets in the way and our time is coming to an end. She'll be back up the last week in August, right before the arrival of Baby Murray. Hard to believe how quickly that'll be here!

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