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22 July 2009

Hump day

Wednesdays are my day for catch - and if you saw our house, you'd be convinced I definitely need this day! Last Wednesday was my grandpa's funeral, so some of the weekly tasks didn't get done. Couple that with a busy weekend filled with birthing class and friends and I think I could use a whole week!!

Steve is still busy in the basement, spending almost all of his time out of work down there. Windows are installed, initial plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and framing inspections are passed, insullation is done (I think), and drywalling is well underway. Phew. Does that wear you out? It does me! Our friends Doug, Janel, and Peyton stopped by Saturday evening. Doug helped Steve get the insullation in and Janel, Peyton, and I hung out. We so appreciate the help!!

Here are a few pictures of the progress. The goal is for the drywall/mudding to be finished this weekend, at which point he'll turn his focus to completely finishing our bedroom down there. That'll allow us to move down to the basement so he can come out of the dungeon in to the attic so to speak to put down the new floors up there. (Then back to the basement for the bathroom, family room, and laundry room. It will be SOOO nice when it's finished!)

Home Depot Delivery - it was quite impressive!
Basement window insullation. Hopefully these will keep creepy crawlers out!
Surveying the bedroom.
Bedroom with insullation & partial ceiling
Future family room - Emmit is acting as tour guide

In addition to basement remodel, we've still got baby growth! Here are a few recent pictures. The bump is growing!

32 weeks, 5 days

33 weeks - with Gma Wilson. My dad gets back this coming Monday for some basement help prior to his trip up Nort', 'eh, so we'll have to get a picture of him with the bump!

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